How to Install and Stream IPTV SMARTERS on ROKU


Enable Developer Options on Roku

1. Launch your Roku by switching to its HDMI input on your television.

2. Grab your Roku remote and press the following buttons in this order: Home Button x3, Up Arrow x2, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right Arrow x1.

3. If done correctly, the developer options menu will appear on your Roku TV screen.

Roku IPTV Step 4 1024x576 1

4. Write down the IP address listed on the screen.

Roku IPTV Step 5

5. Select Enable installer and restart (mine says Disable because I’ve already done this).

Roku IPTV Step 6

6. Scroll through the Developer Tools License Agreement and select I Agree.

7. Create a webserver password using the keyboard that appears. You will need your webserver password for a later step.

Roku IPTV PIN Number 1024x586 1

8. Select Set password and reboot.

Roku IPTV Set Password and Reboot 1024x585 1

Part 2: Add IPTV Smarters Channel

1. Head to your computer and navigate to using any browser.

2. Type in your username and password for your Roku account, and click Submit.

Roku Login Submit

3. Once logged in, select Add channel with a code, under Manage account.

Roku Add Channel With Code

4. Type iptvsmarters into the box. Make sure you’ve typed it exactly as shown.

Roku IPTV Step 13 1024x509 1

5. Select Add Channel to add it to your Roku.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 14

6. Click OK on the warning message that appears.

Roku IPTV Step 15 1024x573 1

7. Select Yes, add channel on the following popup.

Roku IPTV Step 16 1024x519 1

Part 3: Download IPTV Smarters Package on Your Computer

Now, it’s time to download the IPTV Smarters file onto your computer.

1. Head to this link on your computer and the download should start automatically:

Note: doesn’t host or distribute this APK. The link leads to the site where it’s hosted.

2. Save the IPTV Smarters package somewhere accessible on your computer (you’ll need to browse to this location in a moment). I’m going to save it on my Desktop.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 3 1024x457 1

Part 4: Install IPTV Smarters on Roku

1. On your computer, open any browser. In the address bar, enter the IP address from your Roku that you wrote down earlier.

2. A sign-in box will appear. Type rokudev as the Username. For the Password, type in the webserver password you created earlier. Finally, click Sign in.

Roku Sign In Page 1024x494 1

3. Click Upload on the next page.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 7 1024x320 1

4. Browse to the location where you downloaded the IPTV Smarters package (mine was my Desktop). Select the downloaded folder and click Open.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 8 1024x459 1

5. Click Install once the file is uploaded.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 10 1 1024x359 1

6. If you see this screen, you’ve done it correctly!

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 10 1024x620 1

7. Head back to your Roku device, and IPTV Smarters will be on the television.

Roku IPTV Smarters Step 11 1024x576 1

8. Simply log in with your IPTV Smarters information and you’re in!